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Location Windsurf Espagne en van aménagé

ACTIVANS vous permet de partir découvrir les plus beaux spots d’Europe, en étant équipé de matériel FANATIC DUOTONE de dernière génération.

Rent the perfect camper for windsurfing, in Spain.

Not only can you rent one of our luxurious, fully-fitted, houses on wheels, we also provide you with the latest windsurfing equipment of your choice – the rest is up to you!
Let’s face it, how often have you waited and waited for wind, while being stuck at just one spot? As windsurfers, we’ve all been through it. Now, with Activans Campers, waiting for decent conditions is a thing of the past. Think, get and up go: imagine being able to travel with the latest gear in a luxury RV. Why stay at a hotel and be confined to a single beach centre when you can search for great conditions and discover new spots in a motorhome?
Sounds too good to be true? Let’s be honest, this newfound flexibility by travelling in a campervan means that you do need to be a bit more proactive, as it's up to you to go in search of new adventures, rather than just waiting for the wind to come to you.

Windsurf Rental Packages

with Fanatic & Duotone

Still interested? Then you need an Activans Camper. Rent a campervan in Spain together with top-brand windsurfing equipment. Plus there’s no stress and no hassle with sandy, wet gear, as after each session you just stow your kit safely and securely in the specially-designed waterproof storage area below your bed.

Let's take a closer look at the windsurfing equipment we’ve got on offer. We’ve been working with leading brands Fanatic and Duotone for many years, and we are currently stocked up with a wide range of gear from the 2022 range. This means that you can book just what you need, and we’ll have the gear you chose already loaded in your camper when you come to pick your motorhome.

We offer 3 packages, the Excellence Package is also great for sharing, as it includes 2 boards and 4 sails.

3 Packs de location de planches à voile avec la location de van

Louez votre matériel de planche à voile à partir de 55 €/jour

Location Windsurf - Pack Premium

55€ / Jour

  • 1 planche au choix
  • 2 voiles au choix
  • 2 mats adaptés aux voiles
  • 1 wishbone adapté aux voiles
  • 1 rallonge
  • 1 pied de mat

Location Windsurf - Pack Premium +

65€ / Jour

  • 1 planche au choix
  • 3 voiles au choix
  • 2 mats adaptés aux voiles
  • 1 wishbone adapté aux voiles
  • 1 rallonge
  • 1 pied de mat

Location Windsurf - Pack Excellence

85€ / Jour

  • 2 planches au choix
  • 4 voiles au choix
  • 3 mats adaptés aux voiles
  • 2 wishbones adaptés aux voiles
  • 2 rallonges
  • 2 pieds de mat

Bien sûr, vous pouvez choisir de partir en trip avec votre propre matériel, et si jamais il vous manque une planche ou une voile précise nous pouvons aussi louer le matériel à l’unité.


Composez votre pack de matériel

Notre sélection de planches et de voiles

  • Planches de pure vague: FANATIC GRIP Team Edition
    82 L. / 86 L.
  • Planches Freewave: FANATIC FREEWAVE Team Edition
    95 L / 105 L / 115 L.
  • Planches Freeride: FANATIC BLAST Limited Edition 130 L.
    4.0m² / 4.5m² / 5.0m² / 5.3m²
  • Freewave: DUOTONE SUPER SESSION 5.9m²
  • Freeride/Race: DUOTONE E-PACE
    6.2m² / 6.6m² / 7.3m²
  • Mats adaptés au choix des voiles: DUOTONE GOLD 90 % Carbone 370cm / 400cm /430cm /460cm

  • Pied de mat DUOTONE EPX.XT
  • Wishbones adaptés au choix des voiles: DUOTONE Silver 150cm-200cm / 180cm-230cm

  • Rallonge: DUOTONE EPX.XT



La mer et des vagues

Vive la Tramontane

Description du spot 

La Tramontane et la baie de Rosas sont connues depuis longtemps par les passionnés de Windsurf et de Kitesurf. Mais selon les anciens, la tramontane…