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Kitesurf Packages

Having the right equipment, at the right time and place is the key to a successful kitesurfing trip. Enjoy the high-end equipment from DUOTONE.

Put together your DUOTONE kiteboarding equipment package

Our selection of boards & kites

  • Twin-Tip Boards:
  • Kites:
    7m² / 8m² / 9m² / 10m² / 11m² / 12²m
  • Surfboard Boards :
  • Bars:
    DUOTONE Trust bar quad control 22m & 24m


Kitesurf Package Premium

45 € / Day

1 Board of your choice
2 Kites of your choice
1 Bar
1 Pump

Kitesurf Package Premium +

55€ / Day

1 Board of your choice
3 Kites of your choice
1 Bar
1 Pump

Kitesurf Package Excellence

70€ / Day

2 Boards of your choice
3 Kites of your choice
2 Bars
1 Pump

Kiteboarding gear

Right time, right place, right gear

  • To get the most out of your kiteboarding experience, ACTIVANS makes no compromises and rents the latest generation of top equipment from DUOTONE Kiteboarding.
  • As a cherry on the cake, ACTIVANS stays connected with you during your trip. If you have any questions about setup & correct trim, Ronan is available to assist you.
  • Depending on your level and the spots you want to travel to, we offer you the suitable kiteboarding equipment.
  • Kitesurfing can be a risky sport and the rental of kiteboarding equipment is reserved for riders with a certain level, (IKO level: 3 N) who know how to self-rescue.
  • Between each rental we carefully check the condition of the kiteboarding equipment and during the check-in we make an inventory. A deposit is required.
  • Of course, you can also bring your own kitesurf equipment and if you are missing a certain board or kite, you can rent them individually.