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Motorhome travel with dogs

With Activans the TAMI Dogbox is included

Taking your dog with you on a motorhome trip, finally giving it the attention it deserves, isn't that a dream of all dog owners?


We offer the best Dogs Transport Box

There are some campervan hire companies, such as Activans in Spain, that welcome dogs on board. The €12 per day dog fee that you can add to your campervan rental includes a dog crate to ensure safe travel. What is the name of this dog box, and why have we at Activans decided to offer this high quality product for all campervan rentals?

The Tami dog transport box is inflatable

The TAMI dog transport box is the world's first inflatable and foldable dog transport box made of "Drop stitch" material.
While conventional metal boxes weigh between 20 and 30 kg, the TAMI dog box weighs just 6 kg in a medium size, can be folded into a small package, and above all is easy to carry and stow in the campervan.
In our Activans campervan model Fiat Ducato, we attach the TAMI dog box underneath the height-adjustable bed with tension straps and eyelets. Your dog will not only experience absolute comfort in the TAMI dog box, as the inflatable box also has an inflatable floor and is additionally equipped with the TAMI dog blanket, but also travels completely secured.


Combining campervan travel with your 4 legged friend

The TAMI Dogbox has been crash tested and passed with flying colours.
The difference to conventional dog transport boxes is the inflatable material, which has a kind of airbag function in case your dog falls against the wall of the box even in a tight curve. We look forward to being able to accommodate your four-legged friend in this great dog box on your next motorhome trip with Activans. More information about the dog box here.


Dogs love campervan travels

We are pleased to introduce you to a few dogs here who have already enjoyed a motorhome trip thanks to their owners.



On smylepets, you will find lots of information and advice for your dog or cat.

The website and blog are full of recommendations, articles, testimonials, basic information about your four-legged friend...
We at Activans recommend that you take a look at this website.