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Dog-Friendly Motorhome Rentals

Embark on a new adventure & experience the joys of a motorhome holiday with your furry companion! At Activans Campers, we offer pet-friendly campervans, providing you with even more freedom, more fun, and more companionship. Discover all the advantages:

Isn't it every dog owner's dream to take their furry friend on a motorhome trip and give them some well-deserved attention?
Travelling together helps build a special bond and relationship:

Enjoy the freedom and comfort that come with a pet-friendly motorhome rental in Spain from Activans Campers.

Discover the 6 advantages of travelling with your dog in a motorhome:

  1. Your dog can enjoy the journey by your side, without the stress of flying.
  2. You can stop and take a break whenever your dog needs to.
  3. You can discover special beaches for dogs, and why not have a swim in the sea with your dog?
  4. You have the freedom to explore different places and create your own itinerary. You don't have to worry about finding dog-friendly accommodation.
  5. You will be able to reach remote places and campsites that are often difficult to get to with conventional means of transport.
  6. You may make sure to research and choose campsites that are dog-friendly upfront if you prefer to go on campsites. Your dog can have as much fun as you, with many campsites offering special pitches and beach access for dogs!


How much does it cost to bring my dog along?

Plan your pet-friendly adventure: Discover our affordable dog Fee at Activans campers

Bringing a dog costs 12 €/night.
We charge a maximum of 100 €.

For rentals of 14 nights or more, bringing a dog is free of charge.

Select your motorhome for unforgettable adventures with your dog

Peugeot Boxer Camper Rental Activans in Spain

Peugeot Boxer

1 -2 people

Fiat Ducato Camper Rental Activans in Spain

Fiat Ducato

1 - 4 people

Citroën Jumper Campervan Rental Activans in Spain

Citroën Jumper

1 - 4 people

The best dog transport box for your motorhome adventure

At Activans the TAMI Dogbox is included

Experience worry-free travel with your furry friend onboard! At Activans Campers on the Costa Brava in Spain, we welcome dogs on board. We offer a special dog package when you hire a motorhome that includes the TAMI Dogbox - a high-quality transport box that ensures your dog's safety and comfort during your journey. Learn more about why we've chosen to offer this top-of-the-line product !

The Tami dog transport box is inflatable

The TAMI Dogbox is the world's first inflatable and foldable dog carrier made from Drop Stitch material. The TAMI Dogbox has been crash-tested and passed with flying colours. The TAMI Dogbox differs from other dog carriers by being made of inflatable material. This acts as an airbag in the event that your dog should fall against the side of the box, even in a tight bend.
We would be more than happy to accommodate your four-legged friend in this great dog transport box on your next trip with the Activans motorhome.


Safety and comfort for your dog

The TAMI Dogbox weighs only 6 kg in medium size, folds into a small package and is easy to carry and store in the motorhome, whereas conventional metal carriers weigh between 20 and 30 kg.
In our Activans Fiat Ducato and Citroën Jumper campervans, we attach the TAMI Dogbox under the height-adjustable bed with straps and eyelets.
The TAMI dog box has an inflatable floor and is equipped with a TAMI dog blanket. Not only is your dog comfortable in the TAMI dog box, but it is also completely secure when travelling.



On smylepets, you will find lots of information and advice for your dog or cat.

The website and blog are full of recommendations, articles, testimonials, basic information about your four-legged friend...
We at Activans recommend that you take a look at this website.