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Kitesurfing Holiday in Spain with a motorhome

A kitesurfing campervan trip around Spain or all of Europe?

What if we were to tell you that we would pick you up at the airport in Barcelona or Girona and hand you over to a perfectly equipped motorhome with all the kitesurfing equipment of your dreams?
The advantages of going on a kitesurfing holiday with a camper van are obvious: you do not have to decide in advance where you are going to spend your holiday.
We all agree: The best kitesurfing spot is only good if there is wind, right?

You prefer to spend your holiday in a 4-star hotel or a comfortable holiday flat?
No problem, the Activans mobile homes offer an unparalleled level of service and facilities and are specially designed to meet the needs of a kitesurfing holiday.
However, it is essential that you know how to kitesurf, as you will need to judge the conditions at each spot.

We will be more than happy to put together a road book for you with tips on the best campsites, pitches, and kite spots.
Activans in Spain provides you with the latest Duotone kitesurfing equipment for hire. Feel free to bring your own equipment instead.

Kitesurf Packages

Having the right equipment, at the right time and place is the key to a successful kitesurfing trip. Enjoy the high-end equipment from DUOTONE.

Put together your DUOTONE kiteboarding equipment package

Our selection of boards & kites

  • Twin-Tip Boards:
  • Kites:
    7m² / 8m² / 9m² / 10m² / 11m² / 12²m
  • Surfboard Boards :
  • Bars:
    DUOTONE Trust bar quad control 22m & 24m


Kitesurf Package Premium

45 € / Day - 245 € / Week

1 Board of your choice
2 Kites of your choice
1 Bar
1 Pump

Kitesurf Package Premium +

55€ / Day - 300€ / Week

1 Board of your choice
3 Kites of your choice
1 Bar
1 Pump

Kitesurf Package Excellence

70€ / Day - 380€/ Week

2 Boards of your choice
3 Kites of your choice
2 Bars
1 Pump

Kiteboarding gear

Right time, right place, right gear

  • To get the most out of your kiteboarding experience, ACTIVANS makes no compromises and rents the latest generation of top equipment from DUOTONE Kiteboarding.
  • As a cherry on the cake, ACTIVANS stays connected with you during your trip. If you have any questions about setup & correct trim, Ronan is available to assist you.
  • Depending on your level and the spots you want to travel to, we offer you the suitable kiteboarding equipment.
  • Kitesurfing can be a risky sport and the rental of kiteboarding equipment is reserved for riders with a certain level, (IKO level: 3 N) who know how to self-rescue.
  • Between each rental we carefully check the condition of the kiteboarding equipment and during the check-in we make an inventory. A deposit is required.
  • Of course, you can also bring your own kitesurf equipment and if you are missing a certain board or kite, you can rent them individually.