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A made-to-measure windsurfing motorhome holiday, in Spain

Should I consider a holiday in a motorhome for my next windsurfing holiday?
Yes, we've got news for you – if you're a passionate windsurfer and want to travel in a motorhome, check out what we have to offer. The opportunity to choose where you ride on your next trip in Spain or further. Flexibility is yours with Activans motorhomes in Spain, so now you can change your plans in line with your needs, level and the wind-conditions!

choose your windsurf campervan here

Peugeot Boxer Camper Rental Activans in Spain

Peugeot Boxer

for 1 -2 people

Fiat Ducato Camper Rental Activans in Spain

Fiat Ducato

for 1 - 4 people

Citroën Jumper Campervan Rental Activans in Spain

Citroën Jumper

for 1 - 4 people

Rent the perfect camper for windsurfing, in Spain

Not only can you rent one of our luxurious, fully-fitted, houses on wheels, we also provide you with the latest windsurfing equipment of your choice – the rest is up to you!
Let’s face it, how often have you waited and waited for wind, while being stuck at just one spot? As windsurfers, we’ve all been through it. Now, with Activans Campers, waiting for decent conditions is a thing of the past. Think, get and up go: imagine being able to travel with the latest gear in a luxury RV. Why stay at a hotel and be confined to a single beach centre when you can search for great conditions and discover new spots in a motorhome?
Sounds too good to be true? Let’s be honest, this newfound flexibility by travelling in a campervan means that you do need to be a bit more proactive, as it's up to you to go in search of new adventures, rather than just waiting for the wind to come to you.

Windsurf Rental Packages

with Fanatic & Duotone

Still interested? Then you need an Activans Camper. Rent a campervan in Spain together with top-brand windsurfing equipment. Plus there’s no stress and no hassle with sandy, wet gear, as after each session you just stow your kit safely and securely in the specially-designed waterproof storage area below your bed.

Let's take a closer look at the windsurfing equipment we’ve got on offer. We’ve been working with leading brands Fanatic and Duotone for many years, and we are currently stocked up with a wide range of gear from the 2022 range. This means that you can book just what you need, and we’ll have the gear you chose already loaded in your camper when you come to pick your motorhome.

We offer 3 packages, the Excellence Package is also great for sharing, as it includes 2 boards and 4 sails.

3 Windsurf Rental Packages on offer with your RV Rental

Rent your Fanatic & Duotone Windsurfing gear from only 55 €/ day

Windsurf Rental Package Premium

55€ / Day - 300€/ Week

  • 1 Fanatic Board of your choice
  • 2 Sails Duotone of your choice
  • 2 Masts to match the sails
  • 1 Boom to match the sails
  • 1 Mast extension
  • 1 Mastfoot

Windsurf Rental Package Premium +

65€ / Day - 355€ / Week

  • 1 Board of your choice
  • 3 Sails of your choice
  • 2 Masts to match the sails
  • 1 Boom to match the sails
  • 1 Mastextension
  • 1 Mastfoot

Windsurf Rental Package Excellence

85€ / Day - 465€/ Week

  • 2 Boards of your choice
  • 4 Sails of your choice
  • 3 Masts to match the sails
  • 2 Booms to match the sails
  • 2 Mast extensions
  • 2 Mast feet
Fanatic Grip
86 liters

Fanatic Freewave
95 liters

Choose your boards & sails for your Windsurf rental Package

Our selection of Fanatic boards & Duotone sails


  • Masts: DUOTONE GOLD 90 % Carbon 370cm, 400cm ,430cm, 460cm depending on your choice of sails.
  • Mastfoot DUOTONE EPX.XT
  • Booms: DUOTONE Silber 150cm-200cm & 180cm-230cm depending on your choice of sails.
  • Mastextension: DUOTONE EPX.XT



Wave breaking on a windy day

Tramontana is blowing

Spot Description 

Tramontana and the bay of Roses has been a fixed term for all  wind- and kitesurfers since time immemorial.
But honestly: it is not getting more with…