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A made-to-measure windsurfing holiday

Experience the ultimate in freedom for your windsurfing holiday: Rent a motorhome in Spain and make sure you have top of the range windsurfing equipment for your adventure!

Activans Campers in Costa Brava, Spain leads the way in windsurfing holidays and offers top quality windsurfing equipment to hire.
For your convenience, we arrange for your motorhome to be delivered directly to Barcelona airport.
You will receive a comprehensive windsurfing guide to help you discover the best spots and maximize your windsurfing adventure.
Explore beyond Spain and discover the limitless freedom of windsurfing throughout Europe.


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Peugeot Boxer Camper Rental Activans in Spain

Peugeot Boxer

for 1 -2 people

Fiat Ducato Camper Rental Activans in Spain

Fiat Ducato

for 1 - 4 people

Citroën Jumper Campervan Rental Activans in Spain

Citroën Jumper

for 1 - 4 people

Explore Spain's Best Windsurfing Spots with Our Perfect Camper Rentals!

We offer the perfect blend of a fully equipped campervan and premium windsurfing gear from top brands Fanatic and Duotone of your choice – the rest is up to you!

Let’s face it, how often have you waited and waited for wind

while being stuck at just one spot?  When the wind seems uncooperative, or your favourite spot doesn't live up to your expectations, Activans has the ultimate solution that can completely change the game.

It's time to plan the road trip, check the conditions, hop in, and hit the road!

Why stay at a hotel and be confined to a single beach centre when you can search for great conditions and discover new spots in a motorhome?

Imagine the exhilaration of chasing the wind, discovering secret treasures, and visiting legendary windsurfing spots along the Costa Brava in Spain. And if you desire to explore further, set sail for the renowned shores of Tarifa in Andalucia, dance with the Tramontana in Leucate, or ride the Atlantic waves in Portugal. Now, take that exhilaration to the next level by embarking on your adventures in a top-of-the-line windsurfing camper, designed for enthusiasts like us!

Windsurfing Rental - Select your Package!

Let's dive deeper into the windsurfing equipment we have available. We have established long-standing partnerships with renowned brands Fanatic and Duotone, ensuring top-notch quality. Our inventory is fully stocked with a diverse selection from the latest 2022/23 range.

We have three package options available, and our Excellence Package is especially suitable for sharing. It includes two boards and four sails.

Furthermore, Ronan also provides you with instructions on setting up the equipment. This way, you will quickly become familiar with the gear and can fully enjoy your sessions on the water.

Windsurf Rental Package Premium

55€ / Day - 300€/ Week

  • 1 Fanatic Board of your choice
  • 2 Duotone sails of your choice
  • 2 Masts to match the sails
  • 1 Boom to match the sails
  • 1 Mast extension
  • 1 Mastfoot

Windsurf Rental Package Premium +

65€ / Day - 355€ / Week

  • 1 Fanatic Board of your choice
  • 3 Duotone sails of your choice
  • 2 Masts to match the sails
  • 1 Boom to match the sails
  • 1 Mast extension
  • 1 Mastfoot

Windsurf Rental Package Excellence

85€ / Day - 465€/ Week

  • 2 Fanatic Boards of your choice
  • 4 Duotone sails of your choice
  • 3 Masts to match the sails
  • 2 Boom to match the sails
  • 2 Mast extension
  • 2 Mastfoot

Choose your boards & sails for your Windsurf rental Package

Our selection of Fanatic boards & Duotone sails
Fanatic Grip TE
86 liters

Fanatic Freewave TE
95, 105, 115 liters

Fanatic Blast LTD
132 liters

Duotone Super Hero HD 22
4.0m², 4.5m², 5.0m²

Duotone Super Hero HD 23
4.2m², 4.7m², 5.3m²

Duotone Super Star 22

Duotone E-Pace 2022
6.2m², 6.6m², 7.3m²

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