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About us


Nora is originally from Germany (Heidelberg), and she learned windsurfing at the age of nine thanks to the many camping trips she took with her family. Ronan is breton  and grew up on the French Atlantic coast.
While studying he also competed as a professional windsurfer, taking part in French and European competitions. We met in 1999 in Dahab (Egypt), where we both worked as instructors at different windsurfing centres.
We then co-managed various Club Mistral centres around the world, and Ronan set up one of France's first kitesurfing schools in Brittany in the summer of 2001.

In 2004, we opened the Club Mistral windsurfing and kitesurfing centre in Spain (Bay of Rosas). The centre grew from year to year, and in the last few seasons our international team totalled over 20 staff members in the high season.
We gained a lot of travel experience between the summer working seasons, travelling to Chile, South Africa, Cape Verde, Australia, the Canary Islands, Morocco, Mauritius, Brazil, and Hawaii, while always looking for great spots.
After 20 years at the forefront of windsurfing and kitesurfing centres, the time came for a break and we took a year out.

In spring 2019 we began a journey across Europe with our self-customized campervan. It was important to us that all the material should be loaded into the vehicle from the rear and that the living area should always be kept clean and dry.
We wanted to avoid having to tie down boards and sails onto the roof of the campervan after a long day on the water. The idea was to just open the rear doors and store everything inside.
We started our journey along the Atlantic coast; the van packed with our most important "toys"; windsurfing foil boards, wave boards, 6 sails and 2 bikes. We travelled from Brittany via Normandy to Ireland, and then further south, to Portugal and to Tarifa.

We enjoyed the feeling of freedom and independence that comes with travelling in a campervan. And more than anything else, we enjoyed the flexibility of being able to make the most of wind and wave conditions at different spots.
We also really enjoyed the change between campsites and wild camping. And as our bodies sometimes needed a rest, cultural sightseeing was no problem with the manoeuvrable and easy-to-park campervan.
Looking back on our five-month adventure, our storage-concept interior design has proved to be a great success. The combination of practicality and comfort made all the difference between a long trip and a truly memorable journey.


And the result of that amazing trip was the inspiration for our new business.
Travel in comfort and style and enjoy every day of your adventure the way you choose to.
Comfortable accommodation on wheels, together with the option of renting the latest, top-quality sports equipment (windsurf, kitesurf, surf, stand up paddle, mountain bikes) is a great new way of travelling in style.
Our many years of experience in this area will certainly be of use.
We ordered new Pössl brand campervans in the winter of 2019/20 and ACTIVANS has now got its wheels in motion.
Take a trip with us and enjoy the road trip of a lifetime!




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