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Hit the Road! Rent a Motorhome in Spain for Your Sports Adventure!


With our high-quality and well-equipped motorhomes and RVs, you're ready for any sport holiday challenge. Rent your dream RV now and experience an unforgettable holiday in Spain! ACTIVANS near Barcelona offers the perfect motorhome for your next sport adventure! We specialize in motorhome rental with sport equipment, such as surfboards, kitesurfing gear, windsurfing equipment, bicycles & e-bikes, and coaching camps in wingfoiling.

If you dream of crossing endless roads in search of pristine beaches and charming villages, our motorhome rental will make your longing for freedom on wheels come true. Ready? Contact us and dare to live the experience.

Sporty motorhome tours: Plan your adventure

Are you looking for an active vacation but without giving up the comfort and freedom to travel at your own pace? At ACTIVANS we have the solution. When booking our modern motorhomes, you can choose between different sports equipment to include according to your preferences: paddle surfing, surfing or off-road bikes to pedal in any direction.

Decide each day where the road takes you and park your camper in front of the wildest landscapes. With everything you need on board to keep you moving with your favorite sport, dare to try a unique sporting vacation experience, your active vacation awaits you!

Stand up Paddle during the motorhome holidays in Spain with Activans



Don't be without an inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board, when travelling through Spain in your motorhome. It allows you to explore the coast and reach places which are inaccessible by walking or driving. And when the sea is like a mirror, a stand-up paddle board is the perfect companion to cool off in the crystal clear waters of Spanish beaches, alone or with the whole family. ACTIVANS rents inflatable Fanatic boards for motorhome travels.

Go Surfing during the motorhome holidays in Spain with Activans



With an ACTIVANS motorhome in Spain you have the freedom to move from surf spot to surf spot through Spain or Europe and experience the best waves without giving up the comfort of a motorhome. You might even be able to park right on the beach and enjoy the sunset over the sea before retiring to your cosy campervan after a great surfing day.  Add a surfboard to your motorhome holiday.

Go cycling during the motorhome holidays in Spain with Activans



Explore the stunning scenery and culture of Spain on two wheels with ACTIVANS in Spain. With an Activans motorhome you can easily transport your bike inside the motorhome, our  “Inside the Van Bike Racks” are included. At Activans you will find a wide range of bikes including gravel bikes, mountain bikes and e-bikes. So you can choose the bike that's right for you and explore the Spanish countryside your way.


Windsurfing holidays in a motorhome in Spain



Looking for an unforgettable windsurfing adventure in Spain or elsewhere in Europe? Look no further than Activans, where our specially developed campervans are the perfect partner for your windsurfing holiday. Our motorhome hire options offer fully comfortable and flexible accommodation, allowing you to follow the wind and chose your spot depending on weather conditions. At ACTIVANS on the Costa Brava, we also provide top-quality windsurfing equipment for hire from the leading brands FANATIC & DUOTONE, ensuring that you have everything you need for a successful windsurfing adventure.

Kitesurfing holidays in a motorhome in Spain



Experience a completely new way to enjoy your next kitesurfing holiday or trip in Spain, or anywhere else in Europe! With ACTIVANS motorhomes on the Costa Brava in Spain, you'll have the perfect accommodation for your next four-wheeled adventure, and with the latest kitesurfing equipment from DUOTONE, you'll be fully prepared for any kitesurfing adventure. Discover the ultimate flexibility of travelling from one kitesurfing spot to another  without being tied down to a specific location – never waste another day with no wind during your kitesurfing trip.

Select your ideal motorhome for unforgettable adventures

Are you looking for maximum versatility and comfort to travel as you wish by road? At ACTIVANS, we offer you a wide variety of motorhomes for rent so you can live a unique and 100% personalized experience. All our campers have the maximum equipment and comfort to turn your trip into an unforgettable adventure.

With a capacity from 1 to 4 seats depending on the model of your choice, you will find the ideal camper to travel alone, as a couple, with family or friends. Discover below the 3 main brands and features for you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Your next adventure on wheels starts here!

Peugeot Boxer Camper Rental Activans in Spain

Peugeot Boxer

1 -2 people

Fiat Ducato Camper Rental Activans in Spain

Fiat Ducato

1 - 4 people

Citroën Jumper Campervan Rental Activans in Spain

Citroën Jumper

1 - 4 people


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