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camper with moonlight

Bridge Days of Constitution in December


Constitution Day is a bank holiday and a great opportunity to make getaways in a camper van.

The long weekend of the Constitution has become one of…

Make the most of your sports vacations by traveling in a camper van


Make the most of your sports vacations by traveling in a camper van

If you are a sports lover who can't conceive of a vacation without activity,…

Castle Roquefixade and Activans Camper

1 Week in France- Cathar Castles Campervan Round-Trip

Travel Report 

Today we’d like introduce you to Estefania and Ferran. This adventurous couple went on their first ever campervan trip, and so they decided to plan…

Yas and Xavi

5 days with the camper in Huesca - a dream spot for hikers

Travel Report 

A roadbook by 2 nature lovers who prefer to spend their weekends in nature and on the top of the mountain. Xavi and Yas talk about their 5-days…

Mallos de Riglos

Campervan travel from Catalonia to the Basque country

Travel Report 

This travel diary comes from Claudia and Mathieu, a young family with their one and a half year old daughter and their dog Neo. They made a 6-day trip…

Esther and Elsa

Roadtrip with friends -6 days in a campervan to Andalusia

Travel Report 

We are happy to present you a new travel diary. Last November, 4 friends went on a 6-day trip to Andalusia. Here Elsa, Ester, Alba and Pol tell us in…

Ronan is riding a wingfoil board

Wing Foil Pro Camp on Tour September 21


These were fantastic conditions during our first “Wing Foil Pro Camp on the tour” last week. Already on the 2nd day all our participants managed to ta…

Dog sitting in the Tami Dogbox in the Campervan

Motorhome Travels with dogs in Spain


At Activans your dog travels in the Tami Dog Box.
Holidays are the best time of the year! Of course, you want to have your faithful four-legged…

Radio L'Escala Interview about Activans


On Tuesday 22.06.2021 we got invited for an interview at the radio channel "Radio L'Escala".
Listen to the interview here
Watch interview on Canal 10…

Nina and Ugo at Club Emeraude

Club Emeraude - Argèles sur Mer

Travel Report 

For those of you planning to drive with an Activan towards France, we recommend a first stop in Argelès sur mer.

Argelès is a French-Catalan…

Surf Magazin

Activans @surfmagazin


We are proud of our one-page article in the July issue of German surf magazine.
Read the article here.

Weekend in the Ebro Delta with a campervan

Travel Report 

Just a 3.5-hour drive away from Activans Camper Rentals is the Delta del Ebro, a biosphere reserve in the very south of Catalonia. This large…

Van standing on the beach with a bridge in backround

Foil Wing Camp on Tour 25.09.-02.10.2021


Activans Campervan rentals and the touroperator Travel People 24 are organizing a Wing Foil Camp from the 25.09. -02.10.2021
This camp has no fixed…

Nathalie standing on the beach

Feedback from Nathalie about her Van experience

Travel Report 

Nathalie, French, gives us her feedback after a week-long trip in an Activans campervan.

Whilst living in these difficult times my friends offered me…

Preview for the video

Van- Lifestyle Costa Brava

Travel Report 

What means vanlife -style exactly? A little different for everyone, but one thing in common for all: Freedom.
Freedom to plan your itinerary…

Wave breaking on a windy day

Tramontana is blowing

Spot Description 

Tramontana and the bay of Roses has been a fixed term for all  wind- and kitesurfers since time immemorial.
But honestly: it is not getting more with…

Two women practising stand up paddle

Travel & Paddle

Travel Report 

Check out how your campervan trip could look like. Tanja and Nora were arriving early morning in Cala Montgó, pumped up their stand up paddle boards

two people riding a bike

Take your bike on board

At Activans Campervan Rentals we make sure you can take as much sports- equipment as needed for your active trip! Therefore we chose the Pössl…

A woman taking her shower in front of a campervan

Stop the Water...


...while using me! This is the name of the cosmetic brand we chose for our campervans rentals. The idea is that you can take your shower in the van or…