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You don't want to be missing anything, do you?

So that you feel right at home on wheels and you don't have to bring everything with you, we have taken care of providing comfortable equipment for the campervans.

  • We supply a towel set - consisting of 1 shower towel and 1 beach towel per person, with small towels at the washbasin.
  • The campervans come with high-quality sheets and comfortable duvets, pillows and blankets.
  • We provide a full-range of high-quality kitchen utensils, tea towels, washing-up liquid, and everything you need for cleaning. Even a small hand hoover is included.
  • Organic cosmetic products from the brand "Stop the Water while using me" such as hand wash gel, shower gel and shampoo will inspire you. You can shower outside with a clear conscience.
  • First-aid kit ( purchase if used)
  • Camping-table and chairs for the number of travellers for outdoors areas are also included.

Handy tools in your van

Activans Vans are equipped with litte but important details for those who are practising watersports during their vanlife-trip and / or take their bikes on bord.

  • The “Kite and Windsurfing Guide Europe” is essential. We provide one guide in each van free of charge in english. Finding the right spot was never easier.
  • The "Go- Dry Hanger" allows you to dry your wetsuit outside of the van.
  • You can dry the wetsuit overnight using the "Surflogic Hook" installed at the roof of your bathroom.
  • The "Bike Rack"is included for those who wants to transport up to 2 bikes.