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Bridge Days of Constitution in December


Constitution Day is a bank holiday and a great opportunity to make getaways in a camper van.

The long weekend of the Constitution has become one of the most interesting of the year 2022 and is the most awaited by the Spaniards to discover a destination in Spain or Europe. With our Campers Activans you can travel all over Europe (except on snowy roads!).

We have the perfect plan for you, just choose one of our Activans campers in Girona and get ready to enjoy some unique days during this long weekend in December.

How about a camper van trip to Andalusia and discover places like Malaga, Cabo de Gata, Tarifa or Cadiz? We propose you a very detailed roadbook for a 1-weekvan trip from Catalonia!

In France, for example, by doing the Cathar castles route starting in Carcassonne, or do you prefer to discover Portugal, delighting yourself with its gastronomy and magical sunsets while surfing? Visiting Lisbon in a motorhome is a breeze. There is even a centrally located campsite with an excellent bus connection to the city centre, open all year round.

All these routes, mentioned above, can be done in a week, so make the most of this December long weekend!

Getting away from it all for a few days in a campervan is ideal, and thanks to the fact that Constitution Day, which is a bank holiday and falls on a Tuesday, and Immaculate Conception Day, which falls on a Thursday this year 2022, you can travel for almost 9 days with only 3 days of holiday. For this reason, most people book the December Bank Holiday in advance to enjoy quiet getaways full of excitement and to spend time with their partner, friends or family.

The long weekend is not cheap in many hotels, so travelling in a motorhome has many advantages as it can accommodate up to four people.

For only 28 € per night and person (all-inclusive) you can enjoy absolute freedom travelling in a campervan without having to decide beforehand where you want to go. Choose your destination on the last moment depending on your mood and the weather.

Find here our best offer for the long weekend in December and treat yourself to a few unforgettable days travelling in an Activans camper van for 8 days and 7 nights. Do not miss this opportunity, the offer is limited to the size of our fleet (-:

Activans offers you the rental of a campervan at an unbeatable price for the period Saturday 3.12.-10.12.2022. If you wish, you can also book on Friday or Sunday.

And if you want to give the gift of a campervan adventure, take a look here. You can buy a gift voucher for only 50 €.

Also, please note that Activans Campers in Girona provides free bike racks. We have bike racks inside and outside the motorhome (depending on the model of motorhome). You can transport normal or electric bikes, and you can even charge their batteries inside the camper thanks to its solar panels and inverter.

We invite you to take your four-legged friend with you on your camper trip, but we charge a flat rate of 12 € per night per dog.  Don't forget that if you need our Tami transportation box, you can ask us for it, and we will be happy to provide it for you.

Find some ideas for routes and getaways for the long weekend in December 2022 here.

For the more sporty ones: if you want to go one step further you can hire one of our sports equipment like bikes, surfboards, kites & windsurfing equipment.