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Campervan travel from Catalonia to the Basque country

Travel Report

This travel diary comes from Claudia and Mathieu, a young family with their one and a half year old daughter and their dog Neo. They made a 6-day trip with our Activans Fiat Ducato campervan from Catalonia to the Basque Country. The space is more than enough for 2 adults, a child, a dog and two bicycles to travel very comfortably in the campervan.

We placed the Tami dog travel box under the double bed so that Neo could stay calm, travel safely and relax in his own kingdom inside the campervan. For little Malie, we installed a car seat, which we fixed to the rear bench seat of the motorhome. This way, she could also put her toys on the table during the trip and distract herself during the longer journeys.

Before the journey, like so many families, many thoughts went through their minds:

  • How will the little one cope with the journey?
  • How will the dog box affect Neo?
  • What will we do if Malie gets hungry?
  • How many kilometres do we have to cover per day? And many more.

And this is the young parents' answer:

"We are Mat and Claudia, and we have travelled in the Activans camper with our one and a half year old daughter and the 35 kilos dog ???? Impossible? No way! Quite an adventure!!!

It was our first trip of this kind, and it was a great experience that we would like to repeat. Our daughter doesn't really like driving for many hours, so we were a bit worried beforehand. But our girl had everything she needed in the van and the dog had his 5-star box in the back of the camper. So, luxury!

But as we didn't have a fixed itinerary, we only drove for a few hours at a time, stopping at a nice place where there was some scenery and space to play with Malie, and where the dog could also have fun and have a good romp.

Even the issue of food, which I'm sure is a worry for mums travelling with a toddler, turned out to be very stress-free. It was very easy as the camper van is equipped with everything you need. The fridge was so big that I could take lots of food with me. So we only had to stop quickly and in no time I had Malie's food ready, says Claudia.

In short... We will repeat... ahhh! and the dog first!!!
We encourage you to try a camper trip with your family

We at Activans recommended them, like all our customers, to download the "Park4night" app. With this handy app, nothing can go wrong during your campervan trip. It helps you find a place to spend the night, places to empty the toilet or grey water tank, parking spaces to visit a city and much more. And now, we will tell you about their camper journey from Catalonia to the Basque Country in detail. The parking spaces are marked with the Park4Night application's ID #.

Day 1 : Catalonia - Mallos de Riglos
Magnificent rocks! Here we slept, in the car park below the Mallos mountains, just at the entrance of the village, perfect either to visit the village or to start the trail.
There is also a second option, which is to sleep next to the cemetery, but it is further away from the village

1. Id #43516
2. Id # 14542

Day 2: Loarre - Artieda
The second day we went to visit the Loarre Castle. Then we went to Pamplona, but as it was snowing we stopped at a camping-car area (mini camping) inside a very nice village (Artieda) where we had dinner.  The hostel is very authentic, and the staff was very friendly.
Artieda is a village of 40 residents who are fighting against the construction of the Yesa dam.

id #86094 highly recommended

Day 3: Artieda- Pamplona
Pamplona: After visiting the old town, we went to a car park outside the city. There we walked through a forest with handmade wooden sculptures.

Id : Parking Vista Pamplona #32076
Id: Overnight parking #13423

Day 4: Pamplona - Hondarribia
Drive to Hondarribia, a pretty Basque village with its colourful houses. Situated on the border with France - we visited it by bike. In the afternoon we left the car park to go to sleep on the hill of Hondarribia (great place).

Id: Parking visit Hondarribia #193705
Id: Parking for overnight stay #11466

Day 5 Hondarribia-San Sebastian
Visit San Sebastian Park4night
id : Parking #254189

We spent our last night in a campsite in Zumaia. Zumaia, very good place to rest.
id # 57079

Day 6: Basque Country - Catalonia
Back home

During this 6 day motorhome trip, about 1500 km were covered. It was a way for the young family to spend some time together, a time they don't always have in their busy everyday life. Their main objective was also to finally "get out" again, to experience a change of scenery, so to speak, after the long phase of restrictions due to Corona and the birth of their daughter. Indeed, the beauty of inland Spain is not to be underestimated, and it is well worth taking your time on the camper journey from the Mediterranean coast to the Cantabrian Sea, especially if you can spontaneously stay overnight in a motorhome and don't have to plan hotel stops in advance. There are breathtaking mountain landscapes, ideal for climbers and hikers, canyons that invite you to go canyoning and rafting, desert landscapes like the Bardenas Reales 2 hours away from the Basque coast.

We are happy to be able to inspire you with Mathieu and Claudia's experiences and to encourage young families to dare to take a family trip in a camper van.