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Feedback from Nathalie about her Van experience

Travel Report

Nathalie, French, gives us her feedback after a week-long trip in an Activans campervan.

Whilst living in these difficult times my friends offered me a week's holiday, I thought: FANTASTIC! However, when I found out that we would be spending the week in a campervan instead of a traditional 5-star hotel, I had to admit that I was hesitant, but I was proven wrong.

Why did I give up my 5-star hotel for a holiday in a van and that my next holiday is going to be in a camper van, again?

I would love to tell you what made me changed my mind:

  • A campervan is comfortable: there is a big bed (you sleep very well on the big mattress), there are blinds to avoid being woken up by the first light of the day, it has cupboards, toilets, shower with hot water, kitchen with fridge, a big table with comfortable seats, electricity, heating, music ... in short, everything is very well thought out and you are missing nothing.
  • The van takes you everywhere: you can park easily - even if it does not fit under some barriers, we can take turns driving, in short, it is pure freedom. To go where you want, when you want... and to stay as long as you want.
  • The van holiday allowed us to sleep almost anywhere we wanted and above all: far away from everything. With the app "park4night"it's very easy to find the most unusual places to stay. We chose places in the middle of nature, sometimes with a view of the sea, sometimes with a view of the mountains. Every time we woke up, the change of scenery and seclusion was guaranteed.
  • This Activans camper van is also sporty: in terms of equipment, we took 2 bikes, 2 stand up paddles and a windsurf board. In short, enough to keep us busy for a whole week, changing activities as the mood took us.
  • And why not make that kind of trip between several people? Each of us had our own campervan and we had lots of great moments to share and discover with our family and friends.

My conclusion for this week: a great letting go, a return to nature, a feeling of freedom and a break from realtime ..... When is our next holiday?

Nathalie Berger