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Van- Lifestyle Costa Brava

Travel Report

What means vanlife -style exactly? A little different for everyone, but one thing in common for all: Freedom.
Freedom to plan your itinerary flexibly, to change it and to discover absolute dream spots.  Nature, because no other form of tourism brings you so close to nature!  Respect, because everyone who travels in a campervan knows how to limit himself to his resources and makes sure he leaves no trace, except in his memory.

You'll experience surprises every day if you look for them and not park on the first available motorhome parking you can find. And when you're on the road with an Activans camper, you can experience all this without having to sacrifice a certain level of comfort.

The spacious yet manoeuvrable Fiat Ducato vans give you complete autonomy thanks to solar panels on the roof, a bathroom and hot water, a fully equipped kitchen and two large beds, 160cm and 180cm wide, one above the other.

When does your van life trip start?