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Wing Foil Pro Camp on Tour September 21


These were fantastic conditions during our first “Wing Foil Pro Camp on the tour” last week. Already on the 2nd day all our participants managed to take off and fly with the wingfoil board.

After some theoretical explanations by Ronan about the Duotone and Fanatic equipment provided by Daniel & Travel People24, we first picked up the wings on the beach and then on a stand up paddle board to practice the so-called wingsurfing. As the whole group became independent very quickly, we used the Wingfoil boards to familiarise ourselves with this special beginner material.

The participants of our Wing Foil Camp already had previous experience in windsurfing and kitesurfing, which was of course an advantage for the first attempts at flying.

On the second day, the Tramontana freshened up properly and the water was completely flat thanks to the offshore wind. Ronan and Daniel accompanied the students in the safety boat and so it was possible to drift and let the new impressions of wing foiling take effect. In constant contact with the radio helmets, it was safe and reassuring for the students to engage in endless strokes.

Activans and Travel People would like to thank the entire team at AKILA Gruissan for their warm welcome and logistical support (safety boat provided by Tramontane/ offshore wind).

After the first leg in Gruissan, we continued to Barcarès/ Parc des Dosses, where we were able to Wingfoil safely on the lake without drifting.

4 days/nights and 3 spots - from one spot to another to find the best learning conditions for wing foiling - that is the spirit of the "Wing Foil Pro Camp on Tour".

This first Wing Foil Pro Camp was a great success, and we are already preparing several events for 2022!