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5 days with the camper in Huesca - a dream spot for hikers

Travel Report

A roadbook by 2 nature lovers who prefer to spend their weekends in nature and on the top of the mountain. Xavi and Yas talk about their 5-days campervan experience with Activans.

"We are Xavi and Yas. If we had to define ourselves, we would certainly use adjectives like dreamers, bon vivant and adventurers with a great desire to get to know the whole world. Nature is our passion - we like to hike and get lost on different trails and enjoy the simplicity they offer. We have been lucky enough to have travelled to different countries with high mountain hiking always at the heart of it and every time we come back from a great trip we come to the same conclusion: what remains in our memory after a trip is the essence of the country and its people."

But now we wanted to try something new: we finally wanted to spend our first trip in a campervan. We had booked the camper with Activans early on, so we were well-prepared for the upcoming trip. After a long wait, the big day finally arrived when we could pick up our camper for Easter, which was to be our home for the next 5 days and 4 nights. We were really looking forward to experiencing what it really means to have a home on wheels. We had heard a lot about the freedom this kind of campervan travel offers, but we had never had the opportunity to experience it for ourselves.

On the first day, we left L'Escala for the Aragonese Pyrenees. After a long drive, we reached the first stage of our destination, Benasque. In this beautiful high mountain village we found two parking facilities for motorhomes. On the one hand, there is a free car park for motorhomes and campervans, which is relatively level and, if you don't need services or don't want to pay, is the best option. Right next to it is the municipal campervan parking, but you have to pay for it and book it in advance on their website. It has electricity connection, drinking water, grey and black water drainage, rubbish containers and video surveillance. The overnight stay costs 10 euros per night for the van (you are allowed to stand here for a maximum of 48 hours). The two car parks are right next to each other and only 2 minutes away from the village.

Our location for the first and second night

For those who love nature and the mountains, Benasque is an ideal place to do high mountain trails. After a quiet afternoon in the village and a good dinner in our campervan, we went to bed early to recharge our batteries for the next day's trip.
After getting up, we had breakfast and made our way to the village of Cerler. There we started our hike that would take us to the three waterfalls of Ardonés. We are aware that we have a fondness for waterfalls and have seen a lot of them, but we were very impressed by the masses of water coming down here, it was unique. When we returned, tired and exhausted, we enjoyed a quiet afternoon in the village of Benasque and put our feet up for a bit while we sorted the pictures we had taken.

The next day we took a hiking trail that would lead us to the Angel Orus hut, which is located in the valley of Aigüeta de Eriste at an altitude of 2,150 metres. Along the way we enjoyed some impressive waterfalls, which provided a very welcome refreshment. At the end of the day, we drove with the camper to the village of Benabarre. This was to be our starting point for the excursion we had planned for the next day. We spent the night in a car park directly below the village's castle. There is a path here that takes you directly to the fortress.

Our location for the 3rd overnight stay

When the first rays of sun appeared, we were already on our way to the imposing Great Wall of China in Huesca, which is about 25 minutes away from Benabarre. And indeed, we still hallucinate about this natural wonder. These vertical walls surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Canelas reservoir were the absolute highlight of our hiking getaway in Huesca. It's amazing how nature has placed the rocky strata in a perfect position. From here you also have the opportunity to visit the abandoned village of Finestres which is completely destroyed and uninhabited, although some remains of buildings can still be seen.

Unfortunately, our getaway in the campervan in Huesca was almost coming to an end. We had a quick meal in the van before heading back home to the Garrotxa region, where we would spend our last night in the campervan. We parked in the public car park in the village of Hostalets d'en Bas. It is located right at the entrance to the village and has 5 pitches for campervans and motorhomes. An ideal place to enjoy the essence of the Garrotxa and its tranquillity.

And here we spent our fourth night

And yes, the end of a journey is always sad. But those days in the camper were the best. If you're thinking of renting a motorhome from Activans, don't hesitate for a second. Enjoy the flexibility and peace of mind that this way of travelling offers - it's just great.